Personality Test

First, get a pen and paper. Second, write the numbers one through six.

Next to number one, write any number.

Next to number two, write the name of anyone to which you are really attracted.

Next to three, write down the first color you can think of.

Next to number four, write the name of your first pet.

Next to numbers five and six, write down the name of a family member. cheating...keep scrolling down...









 Don't cheat, or you'll be upset...





























Here's the answers...

The number next to number one show how many times you should be smacked over the head with a baseball bat for thinking that stupid "tests" like this actually mean anything. You are probably the same idiot who forwards e-mails from the Microsoft/Disney e-mail tracking project.

The person named next to number two is someone who you will never get to boink you, because you're foolish enough to waste your time on something like this.

The color you picked means nothing. It's only a color for Gosh sake.

Number four is the name of a dead animal.

Numbers five and six represent family members who are embarrassed to be related to you.

Pass this on to everyone you know, so they can feel like a dumbass too.

If you don't pass this on to at least 40,000 people in the next four seconds then you will fall off a high building into a pile of manure  and then get molested by a mad goat.




for a special bonus - see below . . .

























keep scrolling































not yet


























Don't you EVER learn ?

The word for today is GULLIBLE... 8^)

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