The Politically Correct Alphabet

A is an activist itching to fight.

B is a beast with its animal rights.

C was a cripple (now differently abled).

D is a Drunk who is "liquor-enabled."

E is an Ecologist who saves spotted owls.

F was a Forrester, now staffing McDonald's.

G is a Glutton who says he's "food-centered."

H is a Hermaphrodite skirting problems of gender.

I is an "Ism" (you'd better believe it).

J is a Jingoist - love it or leave it!

K is a Kettle the pot can't call black.

L is a Lifestyle not bound to the pack.

M is a Mindset with bias galore.

N was a Negro, but not anymore.

O is an Oppressor, devoid of self-love.

P is the Patriarchy (see "O" above).

Q is a Quip that costs someone a job.

R is the Reasoning done by a mob.

S is a Sexist, that slobbering menace.

T is a Teapot that's brewing a tempest.

U is for Umbrage at the slightest transgression.

V is a Valentine, tool of oppression.

W is for "Woman," however it's spelled.

X is a chromosome we share in our cells.

Y is a Yogi for the easily led.

Z is a Zombie, the differently dead.

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