Remember When...

Fuzz was a substance, real fluffy, like lint.

Mooning meant staring listlessly off into space.

Inflation was something to do with a balloon.

A Saturday Nigh Special was a double dip chocolate soda.

Freeze-dried meant the family laundry had hung all day on the clothesline.

A Big Mac was a truck.

A drug problem was trying to get a prescription filled on Sunday.

Bicycles and chickens came fully assembled.

The quality of music wasn't measured in decibels.

"Is it a boy or girl?" was only asked about newborn babies.

A floppy disk was something to see a chiropractor about.

Marriage problems were solved, not dissolved.

Health foods were whatever your mother said you'd better eat or else.

A man wore a pink shirt only after a laundry foul-up.

It was more important what a girl measured up to, than what she measured out to.

Instant recall was a sign of good intelligence, not bad manufacturing.

Trouble in the street meant potholes.

Movies were rated on how good they were, not who was allowed to see them.

Lights, not people, were turned on and off.

A compact was something girls used to repair their complexions.

A movie did not boom just because of a bust.

Cigarettes were called coffin nails and it was a joke.

A girls unmentionables were also unobservable.

The saltiest thing you got in a movie was popcorn.

People worried about how much it took to buy something instead of how long.

It was the patient that needed insurance, not the doctor.

Campers were people, not trucks.

When high school girls talked about the pill, They were discussing their teachers.

The only energy crisis was kids having too much of it.

The back seat driver had enough room to sit there.

The postman not only rang twice, but also delivered twice.

Jokes that couldn't be told in mixed company weren't.

Paperbacks had more passion on the cover than in the contents.

The only thing kids needed batteries for was reading comic books under the bed-covers.

Charity was a virtue, not a telethon.

People were more intelligent than machines.

It was people who were cooperative instead of apartment houses.

A person saved up for his old age instead of April 15.

The last thing you needed after a day's work was exercise.

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