Rejected State Mottos

ALABAMA Literacy Ain't Everything
ARKANSAS At Least We're not Oklahoma
CALIFORNIA Se Habla Ingles
CONNECTICUT New York City's OTHER Suburb
FLORIDA The Gunshine State
IDAHO Famous Potatoes ... and Neo-Nazis
ILLINOIS Gateway to Iowa
INDIANA Home of Dan Quayle
KANSAS Don't Blame Us, We Voted For Dole
KENTUCKY Tobacco is a Vegetable
MAINE For Sale
MARYLAND We're Better Than Virginia, Damn It!
MINNESOTA Land of 7,000 lakes and 3,000 man-made ponds
MONTANA Land of the Big Sky, and Very Little Else
NEW JERSEY The Garbage State
NEW MEXICO Lizards Make Excellent Pets
NEW YORK You Have the Right to Remain Silent, You Have the Right to an Attorney
NORTH CAROLINA Five Million People, Fifteen Last Names
OHIO Don't Judge us by Cleveland
OREGON Jerry Garcia was here!
SOUTH DAKOTA Closer than North Dakota
TENNESSEE The Educashun State
TEXAS Don't Mess with Texas -- We're Armed
UTAH Our Jesus is Better Than Your Jesus
VIRGINIA We're Better Than Maryland, Damn It!
WASHINGTON Keep Washington Green, Grow Hemp
WYOMING Flat Is Where It's At

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