The Top 15 Rejected Star Wars Trilogy Marketing Tie-Ins

15) The "Princess LeiaMe" blow up doll.

14) Chewbacca Chew n' T'bacca... from Skoal

13) Princess Chia

12) Lando Calrisian Cognac--40 parsecs of smoooooth

11) R2D2, C3P0, "Adult action figures"

10) Han Solo athletic cups.

9) " Do you know me? Probably not, if I am out of my Stormtrooper uniform That's why I carry the American Express card!"

8) McDonald's Ewok burger Happy Meal.

7) Metamucil - " May the Force flow through you"

6) Darth Vader Ginsberg doll -- Black robe and goofy glasses sold seperately

5) Tampex Tampons. Now with starfighter X-wings and lightsaber applicator!

4) Volkswagon's " Return of the Jetta"

3) "Ewok on a stick" toilet brushes

2) Darth Vibrator *my personal fave*

1) Barbie Wan Kenobi's Malibu Death Star

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