Space Ghost on "Donny & Marie"

November 15, 1998

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(End of commercial break. Shots of the audience cheering. Camera comes in on Donny and Marie on the sofa.)
Donny: (as audience cheers) I know, I know, all right, okay! (audience quiets down) Everyone, this next guest is the ultimate superhero.
Marie: That's right.
Donny: This guy hosts his own talk show, and even when he's upset he's animated.
Marie: Uh! Animated.
Donny: That was a joke!
Marie: Animated.
Donny: It was a joke. Okay, okay! He's the star of "Space Ghost Coast to Coast", that's on the Cartoon Network, the one, the only,
Donny & Marie: Space Ghost!
(The audience cheers. Space Ghost's desk is on the monitors. Space Ghost invisos in.)
Donny: What - oh, there he is!
Marie: There he comes.
Donny: There he is. Hello-
Ghost: Greetings, Osmonds and television viewers of Earth. I come in peace from the Ghost Planet. But do not be alarmed, I will not attack you. Now, bring forth the questions! Let the interview process begin!
Donny: All right!
WAV Marie: Okay, first of all, thank you so much for coming to earth. What are your super powers?
Ghost: Well, I can fly, shoot rays, turn invisible...
Donny: Wow, turn invisible. That, that sounds like a lot of fun.
WAV Ghost: Of course, my most impressive power is my super singing, which I use to great extent on my new CD, "Space Ghost's Surf and Turf", available on Rhino Records at quality music stores everywhere.
Donny: (laughs)
Marie: Yeah, nice plug, Space Ghost. How does the power of invisibility come in handy in crimefighting?
Ghost: Actually, I don't use it much for the crimefighting.
WAV Donny: Okay. When was the last time you were, uh, invisible?
Ghost:: Utah. More questions, please.
WAV Marie: What was the best use you made of your invisible powers?
Ghost: (laughs) Well, I, I guess I can reveal this now. Donny-
Donny: Yes?
Ghost: You remember last year, when you were experiencing those excruciating back pains?
Donny: Oh, yeah, the lower back pains. How'd you know about that?
Ghost: That was me riding you piggyback! (laughs) Giddayap, little Osmond! Hyaah! Oh, those were the days.
Donny: Okay, hey, a little advice for us now. I mean you've been doing this now for four years, so-
Ghost: It's five years, Donny.
Donny: Oh, I'm sorry.
Ghost: Keep your facts straight. That would be my first bit of advice to you.
Donny: Okay. Actually, that's good advice.
Marie: It is good advice.
Donny: Get the facts straight.
Marie: Right.
WAV Ghost: Here's another tip. If you feel the guest gaining the upper hand, take them down a notch by dredging up something dark from their past. They'll respect you for it.
WAV Donny: Heh. O-kay. Now who's been your favorite interview?
Ghost: Not you, Donny. (laughs) As for all the other interviews I've done over the years, I... really... don't remember them. (shrugs)
Marie: You don't remember them?
Ghost: Nope.
Marie: Y-you - seriously, you really don't remember any of them?
Ghost: You tryin' to provoke me?
Donny: No, we're not-
Marie: No!
Donny: No, we're not trying to provoke you!
WAV Marie: No, no-no. What do you do in your spare time?
Ghost: I like to use my spare time eating spare ribs! (laughs) (laughs some more) Go on.
WAV Marie: You're very handsome, uh, Space Ghost. Are you married?
Ghost: Yes, I'm married. To a little lady named... liberty.
Marie: Statue?
Ghost: Not the statue. That statue's huge. Now continue with your line of questioning.
WAV Donny: Okay. Here's one for you. Do you ever take your mask off?
Ghost: Do you?
Donny: I don't wear a mask!
Ghost: Perhaps you should, because you're not especially handsome, are ya, my friend? (laughs) Space joke. (laughs)
Donny: Uh huh. Okay.
Ghost: Next question please.
WAV Donny: Okay. Now we were wondering, are you comfortable wearing Spandex all the time?
Ghost: Why, yes, Donny, and Marie, I am. Spandex is breathable. It allows me to expand and contract at my leisure. It's like having bicycle shorts all over your body.
Marie: Do you hang out with any other superheroes?
Ghost: Do the Bee Gees count? If they do, then, yes, I certainly do.
Marie: Hey, you made a comeback after thirty years, you look great. What's your secret?
Ghost: Lotion, Marie. Gobs and gobs of it. Now, we done here? Where do I go? What happens next?
Donny: Well, actually, I think we're gonna sing a song together with you, uh, they did tell you about that, right?
Ghost: Yes! A song from my new CD, "Space Ghost's Surf and Turf", which is available on Rhino Records at finer music stores everywhere!
Marie: (As Space Ghost plugs) I know, I get it.
Donny: (As Space Ghost plugs) We heard it, okay.
Marie: (As Space Ghost plugs) Uh huh.
Ghost: It has no chorus, and the word are just arbitrarily strung together. But feel free to join in at any time!
Donny: Okay, we'll join you.
Marie: All right.
Donny: Here we go.
(the music starts)
WAV Ghost: Do-do-do. I like bananas because they have no bones.
Donny & Marie: Do, doo-wop.
Ghost: Macauley Culkin starred in "Home Alone".
Donny & Marie: He married young.
Ghost: If your dog has tartar, go get him some of those little doggie bones. Yeah!
Donny & Marie: Bad doggie breath.
Ghost: If you got something something something rhymes with bones, uh, yeah.
Donny & Marie: Bones, dry bones.
Ghost: For eight bucks call a psychic friend on the telephone. Ha ha!
Donny & Marie: Just phone home.
Ghost: If you're going deaf the doctor makes you listen to tones. Boo-boo-boo-boo-beep!
My cousin Vinnie's got a trailer park in Rome, ooh yeah!
Donny & Marie: Nice motor home.
Ghost: If you eat some uncooked pork you'll sit around and moan. Yeah!
Donny & Marie: E. coli.
Ghost: Doobie-doobie-do, something that rhymes with bones. Yeah! Unh!
Donny: Space Ghost, everyone!
Marie: Yeah!
(the audience cheers)
Ghost: Thank you! Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
Donny: Space Ghost!
Marie: Yeah, give him a hand!
Donny: Thank you, Space Ghost!
Marie: That's right, watch the Cartoon Network!
Donny: (with Marie) Friday nights!
Marie: Space Ghost Coast to Coast! Thank you so much!
Donny: Space Ghost gave everyone a CD! Everyone got a CD!
(audience members wave copies of Space Ghost's new CD, "Space Ghost's Surf and Turf", available on Rhino Records at quality music stores everywhere.)
Donny: We'll be right back! Don't go away!
(More audience cheering. Music begins. Eventually, cut to commercial.)

"The Donny & Marie Show", and this interview, are 1998 Columbia TriStar Interactive. Space Ghost is Cartoon Network. HTML document Kim McFarland.
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