Space Ghost Coast to Coast
The First Pilot

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  Live from the Caesar's Palace resort hotel on Ghost Planet, it's Space Ghost, Coast to Coast. Tonight Space Ghost welcomes Denzel Washington, and chats about the Academy awards. Now here's our host, that master of mayhem, that wizard of wit, that ghost with the most, that super-duper all-my-powers-are-in-my-wristbands-from-Radio-Shack kind of a guy, herrrrre's Space Ghost!
Space Ghost:


Hello everybody, I'm Space Ghost, and welcome to my show. Tonight my guest will be Denzel Washingon, star of "Malcom X". He's the star of that movie, all right. And here he is "Cry Freedom" pointing at people.

So, hello, Denzel. Tell us about your first Oscar experience.

Denzel Washington: I actually voted for Morgan Freeman for "Street Smart." I thought he gave the best performance out of the five in the category I was in. But Sean Connery had the, the, the sentiment going his way. The sentimental vote. He came out to present the first award and got a four-minute standing ovation, that's when I grabbed my coat. (laughs)
Space Ghost: (Laughs) You know, that's funny, Denzel. But what were you thinking, tell me, when you won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar?
Denzel Washington: I I'm like, "Kevin, what happened?" He said, "What do you mean, what happened? You won." I'm, "You sure? I won, right?" I just imagined that I had went up there, like, and just took the trophy anyway, and made the speech. (laughs)
Space Ghost: You know, Denzel, I bet people out there would like to see a clip of the movie. So here's a clip of the movie.

(Movie clip)

Denzel Washington: Oh, I say it and I say it again, you been had!
Crowd: Yeah!
Denzel Washington: You been rooked!
Crowd: Yeah!
Denzel Washington: You been hoodwinked!
Crowd: Yeah!
: (End movie clip)
Space Ghost: Inspiring. You know, Denzel, I know a lot of people in town here that tell me that you're the hardest working man in show business. Is that true?
Denzel Washington: Well, it's called "show business", it's not called "show". Even though it's called "show business", ain't no business, no show. You know, they ought to call it "business show", actually. You know, and I recognize that.
Space Ghost: So, Denzel, you got that big Oscar show comin' up. Have ya, have ya planned anything to say? Have ya planned your speech for the big Oscar Best Actor Oscar?
Denzel Washington: Hopefully I'll say,'I'd like to thank uh, the Academy.' (laughs)
Space Ghost:


(laughs) Well, thank you, Denzel, for comin' by. I'm Space Ghost, and this has been my show. Thanks for watching. Join us next time and we'll have Don Knotts. Gonna sit on the floor now. (falls on his hinder on the Phanton Cruiser cockpit floor) I don't feel too good. G'night, kids.

This pilot was put together over a weekend by Andy Merrill, who also did the voices of Space Ghost and the announcer. To this day, Denzel Washington probably doesn't know he helped launch "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast."
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