Three Wishes


Well, now, wasn't that a nice surprise when Yogi Bear made a special appearance as the genie in the bottle. Man, have you ever wondered what you would wish for if a genie offered you any three wishes in the world? I guess if I had three wishes, I would want, um...let's see... a nice satisfying weiner sandwich! And it, uh, probably wouldn't have enough mustard on it, so I would, I'd say "Hey, I wish I had some mustard." And then, since the mustard makes me thirsty I'd wish for a glass of water. But you know what, at that point I, I guess I'd be gypped outta my three wishes. What I shoulda done was wish for unlimited wishes. But, see, that wish wouldn't come true because the genie would just look at me and he would say "Too bad, chump! Pass the bottle to somebody else!"

I wish ... I wish somebody would invite me to their party.

Sketch Cartoon Network. HTML document Kim McFarland.
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