Black-Eyed Peas


Well, tomorrow's New Year's Day, and according to tradition I'll be cooking up an enormous steaming pot of black-eyed peas. You see, tradition has it that each black-eyed pea that you eat represents a dollar that you'll receive in the new year. So, y'know, I figure that I'm gonna eat at least nine thousand seven hundred 'n fifty-two peas, which means the Brak-man will be livin' large in ninety-eight! But, actually, you know what, I've been trying this whole black-eyed pea thing for about fourteen years in a row, and I still don't even have one red cent! I musta eaten sixty thousand peas last year, and did I make that much? Nooo, boy. And the more I think about it, all those peas lookin' at me with their black eyes while I'm eatin' 'em, uuuggghhh! Boy! Just kinda creeps me out. Raaagh! Quit lookin' at me, peas! Yer gonna get eaten anyway! Y'better quit lookin'! Bbbrrr. Maybe I won't do this whole black-eyed pea thing after all.

Sketch Cartoon Network. HTML document Kim McFarland.
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