Mr. Blinky Poem #2


And now here's a poem by Mr. Blinky.
Mr. Blinky:
My name is Mr. Blinky, your imaginary pal.
You can call me stinky, or you can call me Al.
Call me Ishmael.
Mr. Blinky:
I'm always watchin' over you, wherever you may be,
But if you get grounded for detention you won't be seein' me.
'Cause I'll be in my condo in the beack in the Bahamas,
Or in Peru with you-know-who in flannel plaid pajamas.
So clean yer ears and shut yer mouth and cover your rear end,
Good advice from Mr. Blinky, your imaginary friend.


I - I need some legs or a bottom half of my body or something! I wanna walk around like a normal Space Ghost person and have more drawings of me! There's only two drawings - there's this one (arms-folded pose) and then there's this one! (shouting pose) You choose! The editors are bored! Da-doon-doon da-doon-doon doon da-doon ... heheheh ... Just if, y'know, if every- if somebody was interested. I just thought you'd want to know.

Sketch Cartoon Network. HTML document Kim McFarland.
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