Mail Bag Day:
Blue Tail


Here's a letter from one of our crunchy little fans.
"Dear Cartoon Planet, I love your show. My sister's boyfriend named his dog after Brak. He tried to paint Brak's name on the doghouse, but it rained and Brak got a blue tail. Love, Katie Troeschel, Ellicott City, Maryland."

Here's another!

"Dear SG, can I call you SG, SG? Your show is so funny. Brak made me wet my pants once."

Oh, that's an image we'll all carry with us the rest of the day.

Sorry. I didn't mean to make you wet your pants.
"One time I spit out my soda because I laughed so much at your jokes. Ha ha. Mark Anderson."

And this viewer writes:

"Dear Space Ghost, can you tell Brak to take off that horrible mask? It scares me!"
I'm not wearin' a mask.
Yeah, maybe you should start.
"Space Ghost, can you teach me to fly?"


"Can you let Zorak free so he can get some fresh air?"


"And do you ever take a bath?"
"Your fan, Chris Alvarez Flores. PS, I'll give you some of my hot dog if you zap Zorak."

Time to share the hot dog, Chris.
(Space Ghost zaps Zorak)

(Bizarre scream)
Here's a letter from Carrie T.
"Dear Brak, my imaginary friend Bertha wants a date with you."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, does she?

"Have you ever seen a creature like this?" (Shows a drawing of an alien head)

No, I don't think ... hey, wait a minute, I know that guy. That's Clarence from my high school. He used to be the audiovisual guy and he would run the filmstrips. (Sings the "Gunsmoke" tune very blurrily) That's how the filmstrip sounded 'cause Clarence never set it up right. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha.

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