Mail Bag Day:
Bottoms Up


"Dear Space Ghost, everyone laughs at us because we're over 19 and we watch your show. On weekends when all the others are at parties, we like - (snort) - I snorted! - we like to - and, kids, don't try this at home - we like to glue sequins to our tongues and dress up like Brak. He's our idol. But we like you because your pants are too tight. From Sparky, Spanky, Tuhlula, - TuhLOOluh - from Sparky, Spanky, Tuhlooluh, and Mooo."

Like a cow!
Zorak, are my pants too tight?

I'd... rather not say.
A-heh, no, really. Are my pants too tight?
Ehhh... you're wearing boxer shorts with the words "bottoms up" printed on your rear, right?
Uhhhhhhhheeehhhhh... maybe.
(weird "sting music")
Say, here's a letter from Jacy and his pop.
"Dear Mr. Ghost, my boy Jacy and I would like to tell you that you are funny!"
Even if your pants are too tight.
"Especially when you talk in your sleep and dream that you don't have any clothes on. Jacy doesn't understand the concept of dreaming, or of being out in public with no clothes on."

Jacy, let me just say this about that.

(long pause)
(ridiculous falsetto) My name is Space Ghost, I like to eat some cheese. My name is Space Ghost, my TV show's here to please. My name is Space Gho-o-o-oost. Yeah.
What a dork you are.

Sketch Cartoon Network. HTML document Kim McFarland.
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