Mail Bag Day:
Cake Mixer


Here's a letter for me!
"Dear Brak, I'm Jonathon Soper of Atlanta. I think you should call Space Ghost and Zorak names until they cry. Do it for me, big guy!"

Well, Mr. Jonathon Soper, I'm gonna take the high road here and say to you, my good man, that name calling is not very nice, and I, Brak, will not engage in such an unsavory practice.

Eh... well, here's a note from Kelly Hegedorn, Wisconsin Rapids.
"Dear Cartoon Planet, I love your show. I never miss it. I have a question for you. What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?"

Eh... chicken salad... maybe?

Here's a letter from Joe Salerno.
"Dear Cartoon Planet, I turned on the TV to take a nap with something mindless on, but your show got me laughing so hard I missed my nap! It looks like it costs thirty-five cents to produce."

Missed by a nickel, sport.

"Dear Space Ghost, I watch Cartoon Planet every day. I live in a cake. What is your favorite household appliance? Shaun Edwards, Ohio."
There are a million and one things you can do with a blender.
One time I, I tried to lick the frosting offa those m-mixing thingies onna cake mixer while it was turned on, and, boy, m-man! My tongue was flappin' to beat the band! I couldn't talk for ‘bout a week.
Couldn't talk for a week, eh? Zorak, cake mixer!

Sketch © Cartoon Network. HTML document © Kim McFarland.
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