Mail Bag Day:
Cottage Cheese


Mail call, mail call.
"Dear Zorak, isn't Space Ghost an idiot? He has the brains of cottage cheese. Space Ghost is two things: No good and good for nothing."

Heh heh heh. Another letter from your Mom here, Space Ghost.

Ha ha.
"Space Dunce is the king of dorkness and a big fat jerk. Signed, Justin Clift, from Cleveland, Tennessee."
Here's one for me.
"Dear Brak, you are the best singer I've ever heard in my entire life. Your singing has inspired me to write this poem."


"Roses are red,
Good-looking is Brak.
Zorak is so ugly
He makes mirrors crack. Mike Allison, Phoenix, Arizona."

That last part doesn't rhyme. Oh, that's his name.

Yeah, well, this viewer don't think I'm so ugly. Check it out!
"Dear Zorak, perhaps you and I could take a romantic walk to a dark, scary place discluded from all known beings. Dreaming of me and you on a fantastic voyage of love, I am, Mariah Vierra, Manteeky-seeky, California."

A-hubba, a-hubba.

Ah ha ha ha ha! Okay, hello again! Here is a letter from Paul Walls.
"Dear Brak, what are you doin'?"

What d'you think I'm doin'? I'm readin' your letter, you goofy kid. Where was I? Oh, um-

"When is your birthday?"

How'm I supposed to remember when my birthday was? That was a long time ago! Ba dum bum.

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