Mail Bag Day:
Zorak Doggie


Here's a letter.
"Dear Space Ghost, I'm starting to get worried about my dog. He's starting to look weird and act weird. Here's a picture of him. Kyle Nix, Perez, Oklahoma."

Let's take a look. (Shows a drawing of a dog with Zorak's head.) D'AAAAHHH!

"Dear Zorak, my brother is ruining my love life. He runs around in his underwear singing the baloney sandwich song. When I have a girl over he runs by and she freaks out and leaves! My brother is 35 years old. Signed, Kevin Schmeltzer, Kewanee, Illinois."

Say, was there ever a movie made where that William Shatner mask guy from the "Halloween" movies ever battled that hockey mask guy - uh - what's-his-name?

Well, the William Shatner mask guy was Michael Meyers, and the hockey mask guy was named Jason.
Yeah. Whatever. Were those guys ever in a movie together?
Oh, well, yeah, I think it was called, uh, "The Evil Duel of the Guys in the Stupid Looking Masks."
I missed that one.
Yeah, me too. Uh, here's another letter.
"Dear Zorak, do you ever wear pants?"


"From Stacey Pirororowski, Pittsburgh, PA."
Here's a letter from Ryan Stein. Like Franken. How's your brother Franken, Ryan? Get it? Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh boy! Oh, I crack myself up!
"Dear Brak, you should take over Cartoon Planet and make Space Ghost wear a monkey suit and hang from a rope the whole show and and find Zorak a girlfriend so he can get his head bit off and every day should be Beans and Franks Day."

Boy, wouldn't that be something? Shooo-oooo-weeee! Open up ALL the windows!

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