Episode 19: Toot! Toot!

Cold Open: Tip
Opening: Living Ghost
Cooking With Brak 1 (Pu Pu Pu)
D'ya Know What I Was Just Thinking?
Zorak's Nuggets of Joy: Snack
Ramblin' and Wanderin'

Mail Bag Day Theme: Opening
Mail Bag Day: Venus
Page 2 (The Rest of The Story): Morty Khan
Poet's Corner Theme
Poet's Corner: Tangerine Who?
Don't Send in The Clowns

Mail Bag Day Theme: Opening
Mail Bag Day: We Love You, Man
Chuckie Monkey in Fairyland
The Word For Today is Gracias
The Cartoon Planet Storybook: What Does My Second Cousin Do?
Zorak's Helpful Hints Theme
Zorak's Helpful Hints: Underwear
Learn to be Evil
Closing Theme

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