Episode 4: My Space Ghost the Car

Cold Open: Ed McMantis
Opening: Living Ghost
Complete Control
Cooking With Brak 3 (Tortel-weenies)
What Day is It?

Brak's School Daze: Edward
Zorak's Nuggets of Joy: Devoured
Mailbag Editorial
Poet's Corner Theme
Poet's Corner: Stone Walls (To Althea, From Prison)
I Love You Baby

Cartoon Planet Storybook: Easy Rider
Messages from Outer Space: Barnacle Boy
Zorak's Helpful Hints Theme
Zorak's Helpful Hints: Chuckie
Geography: Iowa
Mail Bag Day: Mad Dude
Something that Rhymes With Bones

Talkin' in My Sleep (Innermost Fears and Weaknesses)
Closing Theme

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