The Cartoon Planet Storybook:
Hey Goat!


Ghost: Here's another story from The Cartoon Planet Storybook. It's called "Hey Goat!" and it was written by Shiloh Gray.
(Weird high voice) "I'm missing a shoe." announced the Princess. "Have any of you guys seen my shoe?"

(Feline voice) "No." said the cat.

(Dopey voice) "Nope. No sir. Huh, nope, a-huh, nope, nope, no, ah-huh, nope." said the bunny.

(Formal voice) "No ma'am, I'm sorry to say that I haven't seen your shoe." said the very polite bear.

The Princess looked around. "Hey goat! What is that in your mouth, hm?"

(Bleaty voice) "Oh-h-h-h, nothin-n-ng." replied the goat.

"Oh, it's something, all right. Gimme. Spit it out."

This is really weird.
"It's gu-u-um." the goat explained. "My la-a-a-ast pie-e-e-ece."

"You shouldn't be chewin' gum."

"I-i-it's no-o-ot gu-u-um." (swallowing noise) "Oops, I swa-a-allowed I-i-it."

"You know, it stays in your belly for seven years."

The goat thought long and hard about this. If gum stayed in your belly for seven years, how long would a shoe stay there?

The end.

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