Mail Bag Day:
King Brak


Here's some letters for me!
"Dear Brak, my name is Leigha. I like it when you sing those funny songs. You are funny! How come Space Ghost and Zorak aren't as funny as you?"

I don't know. Kinda sad, though, isn't it?

"I made a mask that looks like your face. I put it on to scare poeple in the park. I have to go. Your fan, Leigha. Bye-bye!"

Here's one from Alex in Louisville!

"Dear Brak,
Brak be nimble, Brak be quick,
Brak eats pickles on a stick.
He's got a head like a roadside sign,
I think that he has lost his ... um .. mind."
You didn't have much to lose.
No, I s'pose not. (pause) Here's another one. Also for me.
"Dear Brak, my name is TJ. You should host Cartoon Planet. Zorak is too green and Space Ghost should be put into a red sock filled with coleslaw."

I wouldn't mind tryin' that myself! Let's see here,

"Dear Brak, my whole family laughs when you come on. Cartoon Planet would be a giant hit if Space Ghost and Zorak made you king! Chaney Trotter, Houston!"

See, I keep tellin' you, if you guys made me king we'd be rollin' in it! And I mean ROLLIN' in it, baby!

Put a lid on it, medicine man.

Sketch © Cartoon Network. HTML document © Kim McFarland.
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