Little People


You know, when you're a legendary superhero and TV star like my own self, nothing is more satisfying than to get out and meet the little people. I make a lot of personal appearances at shopping malls and bowling alleys, and I remember just the other day I was in an outlet mall in this backwater sinkhole and this little fella - I swear, this little guy couldn't have been more than a foot high - heh heh, he looks at me with his beady little green eyes and he says (falsetto voice) "Spa' Gho', when I grow up I wan' be jus' like you!" And I told him, as I tell all the little people I meet, "Eat right, learn to fly, and keep your nose clean." And do you know what that itsy bitsy teeny weeny little son of a gun did? Hee hee, he blew his runny nose, he blew his runny little cute button nose right on my cape! Cutest darn thing y'ever saw. Just a tiny little guy, couldn't've been more than eight inches high, wanting to grow up and be just like Spa' Gho'. Ha ha ha, it just about broke me up. And even though I got seventy-five dollars for that personal appearance - which is ten below my minimum - I would have done it for nothing. Wellll ... for fifty, anyway. Thank you.

Sketch © Cartoon Network. HTML document © Kim McFarland.
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