Mail Bag Day:


Please, Mr. Postman, look and see. Is there a letter in your bag for me?
"Dear Space Ghost, I think your costume is cool. But is it hard to go to the bathroom?"

Only when time is of the essence, thank you!

"Signed, Alan Sanchez, age 6, Mission Viejo, California."
Here's a letter from Mandy Woodyard.
"Dear Brak, I like the songs you sing because you sing 'em so funny! Sometimes you crack me up. Thank goodness I'm still in one piece!"

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! See, you just cracked me up, Mandy! Score one for Mandy.

"I like it when Zorak makes fun of Space Ghost. By the way, Space Ghost, do your little tights hurt?"
Only when I laugh. (weak, pained laughter) This one says,
"Dear Space Ghost, when I was little my father used to turn off your cartoons and say, 'When you pay the blankety-blank bills you can watch what you want.' Now I do pay the blankety-blank bills and guess what? I watch Cartoon Planet constantly. Ryan Wilson, Kinzers, PA."
This one's for me!
"Dear Zorak, I'm not really human. I'm a great Elevian knight from the year 1129."


"Anything I touch is zapped with ten billion volts of electricity."

That'll toast yer tater tots, all right.

"I bet Space Ghost can't do that. Ha ha. Sincerely-"

H-hey, what're you doing? Put that thing aw - AAAHHHHWOWOWOW!

(Space Ghost zaps Zorak)

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