Y'know, everybody makes mistakes, even me. I remember this one time I was at school and I accidentally went into the girls' bathroom and this girl yelled "Hey, what are you doing in here?!" and I said "Well, what're you doing in here?" and she said "This is the girls' bathroom, Mr. Tiki Head, and what I'm doing in here is none of your business!' So I said "Oops, sorry!" and I ran out of the girls' bathroom into the boys' bathroom and this guy said "Hey! What're you doing in here?!" and I said "Oh, no, wrong again." and then I ran out in the hall and knocked Principal Beezebottom right on her fanny, and she said "Brak, you go wait in my office! You're in big trouble now, buddy!" And, you know, that wasn't the last time I got in trouble, or the last mistake I ever made either. But I still turned out pretty good. Don't you think?

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