Mail Bag Day:
Mantis Bottle


Mail call! Mail call!
"Dear Space Ghost, I love your show. What do you feed Zorak? He doesn't eat people, does he?"

(nervous laughter)

"I once put two mantises in a bottle and they devoured each other. This might be a good stunt for your show! Doug Mikkelson, Urbana, Illinois."
"Dear Brak-"

This one must be to me.

"Dear funny guy Brak, my friend Chris and I watch your show every day. We think you are smarter than Zorak."

Well, whaddaya think of that?

Ho ha ha ha! Puh-leeze! Heh heh heh, get outta here!
"We made up a song for you:
Who can Banana Man can can?
Who can Banana Man can?
And rice toooo!

Chris and Garret from Ohio!"

I don't know about that song.

This letter's for me! Heh heh.
"Dear Zorak, I'm Ben Janowski from New Berlin, Wisconsin. Why does the poster on your wall keep changing?"

(As he speaks, the poster changes several times) It does? I never noticed.

"Uh, why do you keep changing colors?"

(As he speaks, cut between several shots, each showing Zorak a different color) I don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about!

Sketch © Cartoon Network. HTML document © Kim McFarland.
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