Mail Bag Day

(Mrs. Brak)


Here's a letter from one of our wonderful viewers.
"Dear Cartoon Planet, my name is Eric Dutridge. You guys are really really funny funny. Space Ghost, I think you're keen. But when Brak sings, my dog Pixie goes "Aru-ar-aru". I think she's saying shutup."

Y'hear that, Brak? The kid's dog doesn't like your singing.

Everybody's a critic.
Here's another letter.
"Dear Cartoon Planet, I am a vergetarian. I hope you boys have plenty of fruits and vegetables. If not, you could resort to eating each other."

(Space Ghost laughs nervously)

"Eat Zorak first, on a pizza. But don't eat Space Ghost, you might choke on his head. And don't eat Brak. He's cool."
One of the many advantages of being cool like me is that you don't get eaten by cannibals! Here's a letter - hey, a-he-hey, hey! Here's a letter for me!
"Dear Brak, you are my favorite thing on Cartoon Planet. Zorak is a big booger and Space Ghost's head looks like a hot dog."

Ha ha ha ha!

Hot dog head!
"Brak, you sing very pretty. Jesse from Palmdale, California.
PS: s there a Mrs. Brak?"

The only Mrs. Brak I know is MY MOM! Bless 'er heart.

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