Zorak's Nuggets of Joy:
House Pets


Now, here's a tasty little Nugget of Joy from Zorak.
The Praying Mantis, known in the scientific community as Mantis Religiosa, makes a great house pet! Not only do we devour lots of other annoying insects, we're also pretty good conversationalists, if I do say so myself. Which reminds me, my favorite plant is the cactus. I like it because it's green, has long, prickly thorns which grow all over its surface, and because it grows and flourishes in the otherwise dry, hot, barren wasteland of the desert. I also like it because from time to time they produce large, white, beautiful flowers. Heh, what can I say, everybody likes flowers, even us evildoers.

Sketch © Cartoon Network. HTML document © Kim McFarland.
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