Zorak's Nuggets of Joy:
Camel Crickets


Now, here's a tasty little nugget of joy, from Zorak.
On Earth the praying mantis has many nicknames. In jolly old England we're known as "soothsayers", from the Greek root of the word "mantis", meaning "prophet". In the southern United States they call us "devil's rear horses" due to our tendency to rear up on our hind legs when threatened, and "mule killers", from the false belief that the brown saliva that we emit will kill a mule! (hocking sound) For some strange reason some Earthlings call us "camel crickets", although we don't know wny, nor do we appreciate it very much!

(Zorak boings out of frame)

Sketch © Cartoon Network. HTML document © Kim McFarland.
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