Brak's Cartoon Planet Monday Ratings Reports 12



And now it's time for Brak's Cartoon Planet Monday Ratings Report. But first, I've got something on my mind that I've got to get off my chest. It's a story. It's a little story about a man. A man called Ultra-7. And this man, this Ultra-7 man was a great superhero. A defender of truth, justice, and the mid-Pacific rim. And he was loved by all. So they gave Ultra-7 his own TV show! And it was a good TV show! But the ratings, the ratings were not so good. So they canceled Ultra-7 man. And replaced him with a cartoon dog and a caveman! And boys and girls, I'm here to tell ya, it just about broke Ultra-7's heart! And he was never quite the same. And the mid-Pacific rim was thereafter terrorized by many ugly monsters.
I assume you're going to tell us what this drivel has to do with ANYTHING.
The moral of this story is JUST BECAUSE YOUR SHOW GETS STINKIN' CANCELED IT DOESN'T MAKE YOU A BAD PERSON! (Space Ghost begins crying, finishing with) All better.

Well, I can see by the clock on the wall that we're out of time. Brak, why don't you tell us a little about next week's Cartoon Planet Ratings Report?

I don't have the slightest idea.
Well, I'm sure when you know, you'll let us know. Thank you.

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