The Cartoon Planet Storybook:
Bunny Monster/My Dad


Now it's time for The Cartoon Planet Storybook. Today's story is called "Bunny Monster". It was written by Lucretia Aloysius Borneo.
Cynthia is our babysitter. She's pretty and nice, but she scares the baby. This is how she looks to the baby. (demonic-looking picture) One time she brought over a bunny puppet to play with, and keep Baby happy. But Baby must have thought it was going to eat him or something! This is how the bunny pupprt looked to the baby. (hallucinogenic-looking drawing) I guess when you're that small you think that everything is trying to eat you.

The end.

That story scared the pants off me! Guess I better put my pants back on.
Here's a story written by Anne Susan Lastnamewithheld. It's called "My Dad".
My friends call my Dad Mr. Jackson. He's very important. Every morning when I go to school my Dad puts on a law suit and goes to the office. Sometimes if he has a meeting he'll put on his power tie. It gives him special powers. It gives him the power to say "Hey! Come here a minute!"
Hey, Zorak! Come here a minute!
Aah, go powder your cheeks.

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