The Cartoon Planet Storybook:
Texas Bob


Now it's time for The Cartoon Planet Storybook. Today's story is called "Texas Bob" and it was written by Herman Smellville.
Once upon a time there was a cowboy named Texas Bob. Texas Bob lived in St. Louis, Missouri, where the big arch is. Texas Bob had lived in St. Louis all his life, and in fact he had never been anywhere but St. Louis, Missouri. People would stop Texas Bob on the street and say, "Hey, Texas Bob, how come you're not called St. Louis Bob?" and Bob would answer "Tarnation! There's a snake in my boot!" or "Jumpin' jehosephat, I just fell in a cactus, dagnab it!" Texas Bob worked in a shoe factory. He lived with his dog, Texas Ernie. Every day there was a new adventure. It's like that in St. Louis, Missouri.

The end.
That's just a little slice of life.

As we know it-
On Cartoon Planet! Yee-haw, buddy!

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