The Cartoon Planet Storybook:
Texas Bob's Vacation


Now it's time once again for The Cartoon Planet Storybook. Today's story is called "Texas Bob's Vacation". It was written by Herman Smellville. Ahem.
Once there was a cowboy named Texas Bob who worked in a shoe factory. He lived with his dog, Texas Ernie, in St. Louis, Missouri, where the big arch is. One day Texas Bob decided it was time to take a vacation. "Let's go to Florida." he said. Texas Ernie reminded him that there were alligators in Florida. "How 'bout Yellowstone Park?" Texas Bob suggested. "No, there are bears there." Ernie pointed out. Texas Ernie suggested that they go to New York City and see the Big Apple, but Bob said that he has been there once, and a fat lady had made fun of him. So Texas Bob decided to spend his vacation in St. Louis, Missouri. He and Ernie saw a Cardinals game, and ate a big juicy steak. Then Texas Bob went back to the factory.

The end.

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