The Cartoon Planet Storybook:
Close, but No Cigar


Now it's time once again for the Cartoon Planet Storybook. Today's story is called "Close, but No Cigar". It was written by Ms. Tiberious Monk.
She's a zombie.
Oh, she is not!
Coco is a beautiful flower. Lawrence the caterpillar took to asking her out. She took to saying "yes". They were quite taken with each other. A charming bee named Lily served them tea. Lily made Lawrence nervous; he was allergic to bees. "Bring me the check" he snorted. (Space ghost makes pig grunts, then squeals.) Coco thought Lawrence was being rude to Lily. "Quelle jerk!" she said, and stormed out. Lawrence wanted to cry, but didn't.

The end.

Sketch © Cartoon Network. HTML document © Kim McFarland.
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