The Cartoon Planet Storybook:
Skinny Fell in a Hole


Now it's time for The Cartoon Planet Storybook. Today's story is called "Skinny Fell in a Hole". It was written by Max Bone Junior.
One day Skinny was walking down the street, not paying attention to where he was going, when he fell in a hole. He fell, and fell, and fell! Boom! He hit bottom. A funny-looking creature walked up to Skinny. "Where am I?" Skinny asked.

"Why, you're in the center of the Earth, where the potato people live." the creature replied.

"How do I get outta here?"

"You just got here. What's your hurry?"

"If I don't get home in time for dinner, I'll be in big trouble!" Skinny answered.

The potato person suggested that Skinny go fall in another hole that was about three blocks away, so that's just what he did. Skinny fell and fell, until he came out in Australia. He hopped on a boat that took him to where he lived.

"Where've you been?" Skinny's Mom asked.

He told her the whole story about the hole and the potato person and Australia and the boat.

"Well, be more careful next time, dear. Now let's wash our hands and eat like good little piggy-wiggies."

The end.

Sketch © Cartoon Network. HTML document © Kim McFarland.
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