The Cartoon Planet Storybook:
My Teddy Bear is Missing


Now it's time for the Cartoon Planet Storybook. Today's story is called "My Teddy Bear is Missing" and it was written by Margaret Miller.
Once upon a time there was a little girl named Margaret. One day she came home from school and went right up to her room. Her room was very clean, and her bed was made perfectly. Something was wrong! What could it be? "Oh no," she cried out, "My teddy bear is missing! Where is my teddy bear?" She looked under the bed, but all she saw was her cat, Pete. She looked in her closet, which was full of old toys and other stuffed animals, but no teddy bear!
Oh, man, where could the teddy bear be, Space Ghost?!
Then Margaret went-
Incidentally, I wanna tell the people out there viewing this right now, I DON'T CRY ALL THAT MUCH! What, do I sound like I'm cryin' now? I'm not! Oh, man, where could the teddy bear be, Space Ghost? Not a tear!
Then Margaret went downstairs. There was her teddy bear, in her favorite chair, watching cartoons. "You go up to my room and get right back on my bed!" Margaret ordered. The teddy bear turned off the TV and walked up the stairs to Margaret's room. He climbed up on her bed and stayed there until Margaret was a very old lady.

The end.

Now wasn't that a nice story?

I was on the edge of my prison pod.
I liked the part- uh, no, I liked all of it, except for the, the part, um ... Well, how d'you like that? I liked all of it!

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