Mail Bag Day:


Here's a letter from Andy Aggarwalla.
"Dear Space Ghost, three years ago my parents took me out to dinner at a place called 'The Fisherman's Wharf', a seafood place. We took Route 79. When we got to the restaurant, I ordered a steak. So did my Mom and Dad. When the steaks came, I ate mine all up. My Mom, Mrs. Aggarwalla, said 'Son, I have half a steak left. You eat it.' So I did. Then my Dad said 'Son, I can't finish my steak. Eat it for me, please.' So I did. Altogether, I ate two whole steaks. What a night! Andy Aggarwalla, Cornell University."

Yeah, them boys at Cornell University sure know how to have fun, eh, Zorak?


Sketch © Cartoon Network. HTML document © Kim McFarland.
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