Mail Bag Day:


Hey, let's read some letters.
"Yo, Space Ghost! I just wanted to tell you how much your show makes me laugh. Ha ha ha ha, ho ho hee ha ho ho ho ha ha, cough cough. One question: is Brak all right upstairs? Matt McCabe, Anaheim Hills, California."

Brak, are you all right upstairs?

Fellow wants to know if you're playin' with a full deck.
If you have any screws loose.
I don't know, I don't think so. Maybe ... maybe a couple.
This letter's from Memphis, Tennessee. (aside) Elvis country.
I, for one, was never able to reconcile the starkly contrasting images of Elvis the rough-hewn rock and roll rebel, and Elvis the flabby rhinestone-crusted king of Las Vegas schlock.
Sadly, m-much of his later works, excepting of course "Viva Las Vegas" and "Do The Clam", are quite forgettable.
Yeah, whaddaya gonna do.
"Dear Space Ghost, take a hike! Our class took a vote, and it said that you stink! And Brak - learn to talk right, ya freak! Zorak is cool. (mocking voice) He's the main mantis. Sincerely, Nick Hunter."

(Space Ghost makes unstranscribeable mocking sounds.)

Hey, here's a request!
"Dear Zorak, my name is Tyson Scott. I live in San Antonio, Texas. I love Cartoon Planet, so would you please please please please please read my letter on the show?"


"Dear Brak"-

Oh, this one must be for me!

"Dear Brak, oh mighty monkeyman master! I'm a loyal subject of the monkey people."

People say I'M freaky.

"A squad of fighters transporting five tons of gum are flying to liberate you and Zorak. Kurt Von Esmarch, Roseville, California, AKA Monkeyland."

Hey, Kurt! Hello! Hel-lo monkey person! Is anybody home?!

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