Mail Bag Day: Venezula


Heyyy, aqui tenemos una carta de Sur America.
Heyyy, here we have a letter from South America.
"Brak me gusta tu programa se pintar y dibujar bien conoci a Keith me gustaria trabajar en Space Ghost Coast to Coast."
"Brak, I like your program. I know how to paint and draw very well and I met Keith. I would like to work on Space Ghost Coast to Coast."
I know that one!
"Mi nombre es: Rogelio o Calos o Roger o Moses, Venezuela - Carabobobobobobo, Valencia - Tregal"
My name is: Rogelio or Calos or Roger or Moses, Venezuela - Carabobo, Valencia - Tregal"
Hasta bye-bye, muchachos!

I don't know what I'm sayin'!

Thanks to Maria Simpson for helping translate and transcribe this!

Sketch © Cartoon Network. HTML document © Kim McFarland.
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