Mail Bag Day: Venus


Here's a letter from Garrett Strickland, Mcdermott, Ohuo.
"Dear Zorak, I am not human. I am really an evil alien from the planet Zarblag."

Zarblag. Zarblag. Who do I know on Zarblag?

"If we joined forces I bet we can rule the universe! Ha ha ha! Meet me on Venus at five o'clock Monday, or else."

Uh, no can do. At five o'clock on Mondays I'm in my "I'm OK, You Stink" assertiveness class. I'm mean enough, I'm evil enough, and, doggone it, people hate me!

(weird segue music)
Here's a letter from Tim Shorkey, Burton, Michigan.
"Dear Space Ghost, I'd love to sit and chew the fat with you, but then you would probably think that I am a crazed psychotic fan out to kill you! Bye bye!"

Well there, Mr. Crazed Psychotic Fan Out To Kill Me, thanks so much for the little note!

Zorak, Ah-heh-heh... call security.

(weird segue music)
"Hello, Space Ghost, My name is Anthony Silvey, and I live in Victorville, California. I am four years old. My Mom and I think your show is cool. We also like how Zorak is always teasing you. Give him a good zap for me."

Welp, give the people what they wants, I always says. Buckle up, Spanky.

You know they're not seriAAAAHHHHHH!
(Space Ghost zaps Zorak)

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