April Fool Switcheroo!

I love playing April Fool's gags. Those who have known me for long me know that every year I have to pull some sort of joke. This year, I didn't even have to come up with a brilliant idea. Mayhem, owner of the excellent website ReBoot Mayhem, suggested to me several weeks in advance something that owners of Simpsons websites pulled in the past: a site swap. You think you're going to visit one site, but you end up in another without knowing how. I liked the idea, and figured that we could do it very easily by creating framesets that would load another site instead of the expected one. Mayhem contacted several other webmasters, and we arranged to put our sites in a ring. Each site would load the one after it on the list, so if you tried to go to ReBoot Mayhem's main page you'd end up in Slack & Hash's Domain, and so on down the list. The participating sites were:

Most people figured out the gag, but a few took it very seriously. One person, assuming that I had gained control of the domain rebootmayhem.com, wrote me a polite but very distressed letter asking if I was going to put any of Mayhem's site back up. (I answered that Mayhem and I were working together, and that her hard work was not lost to the web; please be patient and I'll post more info when the dust settles in the next few days. Hee hee.)

I hope those of you who were surfing on April 1, 2003, enjoyed our little gag. Thank you to the other participants in the switcheroo, and especially Mayhem for organizing it!

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