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Have you ever asked how a computer really works? What happens when you press the power button and the computer starts up? The person who knows all of this is Bob, he knows it because he lives inside your PC, in the magic city that wakes up when you press that button and and the electrical impulses are transmitted across the micro chips. That city is called Mainframe, a noisy/busy/bustling/turbulent big city of high technology inhabited by sprites, binomes and facts like Bob. Well, similar to Bob, since he comes from the Supercomputer where things are even faster, bigger and more complex than in Mainframe.

Bob has become the most popular hero of Mainframe. Having belonged to the Supercomputer gives him the skill/ability/intellegence to fight against Megabyte, a computer virus thirsty for power, and his chaotic sister Hexadecimal. bob also defends Mainframe from another great threat: the games that bring with them disaster and destruction to entire sectors of the city.

When the User decides to play, the games descends/falls from the sky in the shape/form of threatening dark/opaque cubes that install themselves on top of complete sectors of Mainframe. The sprites that remain trapped inside have to fight against invaders from other systems/cities, tanks, ninjas, star athletes and underwater creatures or to run high speed races. If the User wins, the sector where the cube arrived will be destroyed, and the sprites reduced to mindless/unthinking nulls and devourers/consumers of energy.

By luck, Bob is good in all of the games, and he has become attached to his new home, especially to the beautiful and intellegent Dot and her little brother Enzo.

With the help of Dot, enzo and Phong, the oldest sprite in Mainframe and its spiritual advisor, Bob has been able to protect Mainframe from the triple threat of Megabyte, Hexadecimal and the games. But as these adversaries become each time stronger and smarter, Bob's work becomes more and more difficult.

(Note: we're not 100% sure about the bits in brackets.)

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