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Translation Project

As I stated on the main page, I don't know enough Spanish to translate these pages. However, other Booters, as I soon found out, do, and have been willing to help, for which I am grateful. In fact, I've gotten so much help that unfortunately sometimes two people have translated the same page. That's not entirely a waste of effort, as I can compare the two to improve what goes up on the site, but, still, it's best avoided. After all, there are 40 album pages and over 200 stickers, which is definitely enough to go around!

For a while it seemed as if I was going to have to create a dibs list because of the interest in translating these - but that turns out not to be the case. I have a lot of untranslated pages and stickers, so if you want to help, you can send translations to me or post them on my message board. I've started posting Babelfish translations for the stickers, and I'll keep doing that until someone gives me something better to replace it with! (Not a threat, but a promise.  ;)

Here's the status sheet on the existing pages, for those who are interested:

Front cover Translation posted
Inside front cover Not yet translated due to teeny print
Pages 1 - 20 Translation posted
Pages 21on Not yet translated
Stickers Some scanned, some posted, none translated

There are some "rough spots" in the posted translations; they're the bits in italics. If you can help confirm or fix those parts - or of the rest of the translation can be improved - please contact me!

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