ReBoot has been translated into other languages. It being a Canadian show, one of the available flavors is French. It has a bit of a different flavor, as you will see. Er, hear. Where the French version differs in meaning from the English version, I've put the retranslation in parentheses.
Caveat: These translations are done by an American who studied French years ago, and has hardly had any opportunity to use it since. I'm sure I've made mistakes, and there are parts I just could not make out well enough to translate. Thanks to Wrin, Type_Here, and Pal for their help in correcting these problems. If you speak French fluently and see any thing else that needs work, by all means
contact me!

Medusa Bug / La Méduse

Talent Night / La Surboum

(Note: this one is a toughie. Where I can't make the French out well enough to transcribe it, I've left it blank. Any of you Francophones want to give me a hand?)

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