Slack & Hash's Coloring Book

Yep, got selected pages from the ReBoot coloring book. They're, um, interesting, aren't they? Suddenly fan art doesn't look so bad! Click on the images to get full-sized, suitable-for-printing-and-coloring files.

The ReBoot Logo

Is you  lookin' at me?

I'm Marcel Marceau!

It's been a long night

Needs salt

Reference material is for sissies!

Someone needs to learn how to draw hands.

Walk Like an Egyptian...

Get offa my shoulder!

Tarzan, Jane, meet Cheetah.

Hangin' Around

Mike of the Damned

Any crash you can walk away from is a good crash.

Is it jus me, Em, or is the artwork getting worse?

He's crunching numbers! Oh, the numerology, the numerology!

Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin' alive, stayin' alive!

Run away!  Run away!

Wouldn't it be easier to ride INSIDE?

Deadly Jello

Flamingo Legs


You can't talk in these things!

Buttered Knife

Being in jail is fun!

All right, who's been spreading jam with my sword?

Enzo's lost his icon again. The fun never stops!

Magnetically attracted to Frisket's gold tooth

By the way, Megabyte, you're being attacked by a quilt.

An RKO Radio Picture

Dot quilted my shirt and boots. I'd better smile.

Beware the Dustbustermobile!

Srow ze svitch! Srow ze svitch! Just once I'd like to push ze button!

Still haven't found your icon, kid?

Hot flashes People find inspiration in the darnedest places. Al's Waiter has colored in the picture of Hexadecimal, and now it actually looks good!

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