ReBoot Mood Icons

Hexy Conveys an Emotion

If you would like to use these on your own site, go ahead. You have my permission, as long as you put the files on your site as opposed to linking to the ones here, and post a credit note & link (like "Mood icons from Slack & Hash's Domain") nearby. You don't have to ask - though I wouldn't mind hearing about it. :) Got a suggestion for a new mood icon? Speak up!

Ooooo! Amazed         Hel-lo, sugah! Flirty         Command Dot Hex Nerdy
Grr! Angry         Urp. Full         No comment. Neutral
Splatter Phoenix Artsy         The Virus with kaleidoscope eyes Guess!         Three bronx cheers! Nyaaaaah!
Waiting for to load Asleep A rare non-dangerous mood Happy Never give up Optimistic
Ugh. Blah Wheee! High Huh! Pessimistic
Nobody home Blank Warm boot Hot We are quite amused. Pleased
See above Bored She blinded me with chaos Hyper Whew! Relieved
Greek action! Comical Hex... you're ill again... Ill *sob* Rejected
Uh? Confused Grrr! Infuriated Cold boot Shivering
Intrigued! Curious Who. me? Innocent What, me smirking? Sneaky
Convince me! Cynical Back off, man! Intimidated We are not amused. Stern
Are you going to try and stop my fun? Determined Want! Jealous Hex and a bowling ball: separated at initialization? Surprised
Dirty Oh no. Oh no! Oh, yesss... Licking Lips Mmm, energy shakes. Thirsty
Spin me 'round like a record Dizzy Happyhappyhappy! Manic Hmmm. Thoughtful
Trick or treat! Dorky Like, groovy, man Mellow For the very first time Touched
Spiked energy shakes! Drunk Owwww Migraine Frowny Weepy
Oops. Embarrassed Siiigh Mournful Lookit! Wide-eyed
Enthralled Of course you know, this means war. Nasty Round like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel Windmill
Sleeeeep Exhausted Ginger ale! Nauseated Wishful Wishful

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