The Top 10 Things I'd Like to Hear AndrAIa Say

by Hash

10. Oh, no! I broke a nail!
9. I'm cold. Someone got a sweater?
8. Matrix, you're a bastard, you know that?
7. Ugh. Motorbikes. Can't stand the things.
6. We're having fish for dinner? How could you!
5. Tell me again why we're looking for Mainframe.
4. I'm going to visit my sisters Ariel, Adona, Arista, etc...
3. Mouse, are you free later this cycle?
2. Why did I have to get the Play Doh hair?
And the number one thing I'd like to hear AndrAIa say:
1. Why am I here? I mean other than to give moral support to a homicidal maniac?

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