The Top 10 Things I'd Like to Hear AndrAIa Say

by Slack

10. Hey! I can use contractions now!
9. Thank the User for silicone.
8. Matrix, this Bob fixation is really starting to worry me.
7. Great. Now I have to get refills on my nails.
6. Anyone got a blow dryer?
5. Mainframe is your home, Matrix. I'm going to stick wiuth the games from now on.
4. What should I get pierced next?
3. Megabyte, are you free later this cycle? (pause) So I have a thing for beefy psychotics. Sue me.
2. You say this cream will get rid of scaly skin?
And the number one thing I'd like to hear AndrAIa say:
1. Matrix, I'm carrying your guppies.

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