The Top 10 Things I'd Like to Hear Ray Tracer Say

by Hash

10. Matrix, you can take that gun of yours and shove it, mate.
9. Why do I feel I have a brother named John Smith?
8. If I'da known that slug was gonna make me this sick, I'd'a thought twice about eating it.
7. Buy Motorola modems! They're the best!
6. I come from the Web down under.
5. But those biscuits were good!
4. Let's catch some waves, dude!
3. Mouse, are you free later this cycle?
2. Hex, are you free later this cycle?
And the number one thing I'd like to hear Ray Tracer say:
1. Everyone's gotta be somewhere. Here is not where I want to be. G'day, mates!

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