by Rebecca

Rebecca took some brownies out of the oven and set them out of her way. They would have to completely cool before she could finish them up. She then pulled out several bags of chocolate melts in various colors, a tart pan, and a decorator's mask.

Jade walked in, looking around quizzically. "What are you doing?"

Rebecca ran very hot water over the decorator's mask. "Making some treats for the party tonight."

"Ah. Have you seen Chaos?"

She set the mask aside and proceeded to run hot water over the tart pan. "I gave her a Blockbuster gift card and a cell phone. She's under strict orders not to come back until I give her a call."

Jade nodded and looked over the supplies she had lain out. "What are you going to do with all that?"

"The recipe's up on my computer if you're interested," she said idly. She picked up a bag of white chocolate melts and read over the directions.

"Thanks," he left the room, his trenchcoat swirling behind him.

Chaos munched on a brownie. Powdered sugar threatened to fall into her lap. "So, what are we celebrating again?"

"It's Julia Cat's Reboot Corner's fifth birthday! It's also AMG's fourth birthday and Slack and Hash's Domain's third!" Rebecca announced happily as she set some krispies on the table.

Jade nodded as he sipped his blue soft drink.

"Yeah, but.... Where is everybody?" Chaos asked.

Rebecca smiled and pointed to the mechanical device carefully attached to her computer. "As soon as I finish setting everything up, Jade'll activate the portal and the guests will arrive."

Chaos nodded and reached for another brownie, only to have her hand slapped away. She glared up at Rebecca.

"Stop eating the party food, Chaos."

Jade just shook his head and munched on a purple ice cube.

Rebecca winced as Bob butchered the tune to "I Love Rock and Roll." She put her hands over her ears and huddled a bit closer to the couch.

Beside her, Ryuu ate her orange and purple popsicle calmly. She had thought to bring ear plugs.

"Who's bright idea was it to set up the karoke machine?" Rebecca muttered.

Ryuu pointed at Phong. "I wouldn't take it out on him, though. Hanako will get upset."

As Bob finished up the song and looked ready to start a new one, Jade casually switched the sound system off. Raising his voice over the milling crowd, he made the Announcement. "Ladies and gentlemen, I know you've been enjoying the party and your hostess's cooking. Well, now it's time for the penultimate party treat: the birthday cakes!"

He gestured and Chaos floated three purple cakes out onto the refreshment's table. The number of candles on them went from three to five and each had an action figure next to them.

Jade continued his announcement. "With three candles and a Hex figure, Slach and Hash's Domain!" People cheered, Hex being among the most enthusiastic. Jade noticed that some of the viruses weren't cheering, but that was to be expected.

"With four candles and a Bob figure, A Minor Glitch!" Everyone cheered on that one.

"And finally, with five candles and a Phong figure, Julia Cat's Reboot Corner!" People cheered and slapped Julia on the back. Five years was a long time to be running a good site.

Jade smiled and took up the cake-cutting knife. "If Julia, MG, and Slack would come up now, I'll give out the first pieces of cake and the action figure."

A young woman with blonde hair and a screaming yellow jacket pushed her way through the crowd. Similarily, a young woman with a mini-keytool hovering around her and a woman with blue cat ears made their way to the front.

Jade smiled beatifically and cut each cake.

Rebecca stumbled down the stairs, cursing whoever decided that Chaos and Jade should be sent to her house.

She blinked as she got downstairs. The house seemed to be... spotless.

Jade sauntered into sight and handed her a blue soft drink. "I had Chaos help me clean this place up. It was the least we could do after you organized that party."

Rebecca blinked again.

The End

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