The Boots of Mainframe

by Katzedecimal

Inspired by A Minor Glitch

Bad boots, bad boots, whatcha gonna do.. whatcha gonna do when they come for you...

As soon as my lovely assistant has finished setting up the slide projector, we can explore the topic of 'The Boots of Mainframe' in greater detail. :watches lovely assistant set up projector:

Thank you.

*click* Here we see Dot Matrix, wearing her orange jumpsuit and ankle boots.
*click* As we see from this picture, during the first two seasons, Dot was an upbeat and energetic entrepreneur who encouraged everybody to be their best, even to the point of leading fitness classes, jogging around the park.
*click* Here we see Dot, having just rebooted her outfit into the gunmetal-grey jumpsuit she wore during the third season. Notice her boots.
*click* Here, we see Dot in a glory-seeking frenzy, ordering an all-out assault on Megabyte's troupes, blowing them to fiery bits, while exhorting their leader to show himself and not be a coward.
. *click* Case 2, Hexadecimal. Here we see Hexadecimal happily painting the city of Mainframe, wearing her knee-high stiletto heeled boots.
*click* Here we see Hexadecimal going mailer-daemon over the city of Mainframe, waging war on Megabyte. Notice her boots: The stiletto heels have not changed, the height has - they are now up to her thighs.
*click* Case 3, Bob. As has already been observed by MG, Bob's boots have been steadily growing up his legs:
*click* Season 1,
*click* Season 2 - in which, I might add, Bob becomes inexplicably suicidal,
*click* and Season 3. Notice how Bob is now up to his gills in boots. Notice also how Bob lets the entire system crash and burn. Notice, however, how he fixed Hexadecimal's face and got her an icon - there's still hope for him.
*click* Case 4, Enzo Matrix. Here he is, a cute v0.1 kid, wearing sneakers.
*click* Here he is, a cute v1.0 kid, wearing Guardian boots, heartlessly locking a helpless Virus behind a firewall to be ravaged and victimized by Megabyte and - not coincidentally - her own boots.
*click* Here he is, a buff v2.2 man in very heavy boots, a hardened, cold-blooded killer who hasn't even apologized to the Virus he locked in the firewall. Though he didn't protest Bob getting her an icon - there's still hope for him.
*click* Case 5, Megabyte. What does it say for this guy??? Yes, yes, I hear you all saying "But he doesn't wear boots!" I beg to disagree. We have seen that boot height is directly proportional to the amount of senseless aggression shown by the boots' victim. In comparing Megabyte with this picture of Web-Bob, we can clearly see what has happened: Megabyte has been completely absorbed by his boots. You didn't think that was actually Viral armour, did you? No, its is his boots. They have taken him over and utterly corrupted him. He is a victim of his boots. The boots are the real Viruses of Mainframe, all the more dangerous because nobody takes them seriously.
Thank you.

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