Losing Faith

by Hash

I look to the night sky
and see only darkness
I seek an end to pain
and find only more

Where are you, my love?
Are you out there somewhere?
Do you still remember my name?
Will you ever come back to me?

My heart aches with love unspoken
I would not let you close
We had many chances
Yet I thought there would be many more
Isn't it always the way of things?

Oh how I long for those days
When we worked side-by-side
Danger lurked around every corner
But together we could defeat every challenge
And now you're gone--

Oh, how empty I feel without you
You were my other half
You taught me to take things as they come
To live on the edge
Handle things on the fly

And now, in the darkness that has become my world
Your face grows dim in my mind's eye
I take death as it comes
I walk the knife-thin edge of danger alone
Fly by the seat of my pants when plans fail

Where have you gone, my love?
How can I forget your name? Your face?
What you meant to me?
What you mean to all of us?

Life goes on, they told me, and would not let me falter
When in those early days, all I wanted to do was die!
I kept hoping against hope, but when you didn't return--
I put away hope--hope is what one makes of life
Not dreaming, staring at the night sky wishing

Why have you not come back to me?
I cannot wait for you, do you see?
I am not strong without you
But I must continue on all the same
The battle rages and someone must fight

If you come back to me, my love
I... I will believe then, but for now...
Oh, my lost love, for now, you are a broken dream
A painful memory, a restless ghost
A chance for happiness forever denied

I look to the night sky
And see only shadows
Of things that might have been
And will be--no more

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