The ReBoot Drinking Game

by Slack

This game can be played by all ages. Instead of using alcoholic beverages, drink heavily carbonated, caffeinated, sugar-filled drinks. Pretend they're energy shakes.

Take one drink when each of these conditions is met:

The show opens with a motion-sickness-inducing camera swoop through Mainframe.

Bob says "This is bad. Very bad." or "I don't think so."
Bob yelps, "AAAAAAA!"
Any holes are visible on Bob's body. (His shoulder and the joint of his neck and head are good places to look.)
Bob is unshaven in a game.
Bob scowls determinedly at the camera.

Dot suddenly becomes thick as a brick and needs the situation or plan explained to her slowly and painfully.
Dot gets weepy.
Dot commits an act of physical violence.
Dot wears her glasses.

Phong has to help solve people's personal problems.
Phong pretends to be dotty to avoid having to spoon-feed people all the answers.
Phong does things he should not be able to, such as appearing within a game or as a holographic apparition.
Phong keels over theatrically.
Phong says any variation of "Mainframe is doomed."
Phong appears outside the Principle Office.

Enzo tackles Bob. Two drinks if he tackles anyone else.
Enzo strings more than two synonymous units of jargon together. ("Shut down! Close file! Quit without saving!")
Enzo appears to be stomping on ants as he walks.
Enzo grins widely, making him look like a green Alfred E. Neuman.

Megabyte magically appears out of thin air so he can intimidate or attack someone. (He's a HUGE Virus. How does he do that? Teleportation? Invisibility?)
Megabyte roars, pounces, claws, drops to all fours, or does anything else particularly bestial.
Megabyte says any variation of "Mainframe will be/is mine!" Two drinks if he clenches his fist in camera view as he says it.
Megabyte speaks slowly and chews the scenery mercilessly in his efforts to look evil.
Megabyte narrates his plans to nobody in particular. Two drinks if he does this more than once in the same episode.
Megabyte's face is weirdly distorted by an extreme closeup.

Hexadecimal changes masks in full view of the camera. (This does happen from time to time; you just have to be alert to catch it.)
Hexadecimal flirts with and threatens Bob in the same scene.
Hexadecimal does her Mistress Tantala vocal impression.
Bob defeats Hexadecimal by bamboozling her.
Hex's face-hole is visible through the mouth of her mask.

Hack and Slash smack face-first into each other.
Hack bullies, teases, rats on, or otherwise acts unbrotherly to Slash

Frisket displays super powers - incredible strength, the ability to leap down the length of the Tor with no ill effects, et cetera.
Frisket growls at Bob.

Mouse winks, and we don't hear the "chimes."
Mouse hisses, snarls, screams, or otherwise does a vocal imitation of a Tasmanian Devil.
Mouse grabs an unwitting male and plays tonsil-hockey with him.

Matrix blames all his troubles on somebody else.
Matrix threatens people's lives for trivial reasons.
Matrix speaks of or looks at Bob worshipfully.

AndrAIa uses her sex appeal to cloud men's minds.
AndrAIa uses her sex appeal to cloud the viewers' minds.

The baby binome appears on camera - and doesn't do a dump in its diaper.
The Toque binome appears in two or more wildly different locations within a few scenes, reinforcing the impression that he is everywhere. Two drinks if more than one appear in the same shot.
Capacitor's arms pass through his moustache.
An apparently male binome has a feminine voice, or vice versa.

The User wears a fixed, asymmetrical snarl.
The User gets so annoying you just want to drop a magnet on him.

Anyone wears a skull tattoo on his or her arm.
Expressions are underplayed, so shock, terror, and the like come off only as mild concern.
Someone reaches through a VidWindow.
A building falls over.
The camera zooms in on a character's face hard enough to give the viewer whiplash.
The episode production number is included in the story somehow.
An action is repeated from three or more camera angles.

Whoever can belch loudest during the end credits wins.
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